2019 Sheepshead results - Check your Scores

Please check your scores and contact me with any discrepancies by April 24, 2019.  See End of Year Check Your Scores PDF on the bottom of the page. 

After April 24, 2019 results will be final. I will post the final tally soon after that date and print and mail to all.

If you think any of the rules we are using are new, please let me know specifically which ones. We are following the “Wergin on…. Skat and Sheepshead” rule book which was the basis of the tournament when it was started, or at least that is what I was told. A copy (from the book) of the tournament set up and rules was given to me when I took over.

I hope you had a great time this year.      Jeff

3-Hand Sheepshead Tournament

Since 1970 there has been a 3-handed tournament run in Wisconsin in the month of March.  Players can play as many sessions as they wish, with their top four scores of 40 and higher receiving a cash award for expenses based on a percentage of fees paid, minus expenses, based on their score(s) standing. 

In each session, 3 players play 48 hands at each table or, when needed, a table of 4, where the dealer sits out.  Most of the hosts offer two sessions with the second session starting at the completion of the first session.  Table and position at the table are assigned by luck of the draw, overseen by the tournament Captain.  Suggested table stakes are 25-50-75 and Double on the Bump / Punish the picker.  Entry fee per session is $7.00 ($6.50 entry, $0.25 captain’s fee, $0.25 hall/host rent) per session, plus $0.25 per Bump.

We are currently scoring on paper, but are looking to offer an optional smart phone scoring.

Captains set up a host location such as at a bar, American Legend Hall, home, and manage/oversee their sessions.

For more information please contact Jeff at 920-687-0505 or nass@athenet.net

National 5 Handed Tournament - October 4-5, 2019- Wisconsin Dells - Details and Registration see file below.

Click on the folder - EofY Results Draft PDF in the "Sheepshead Files" at the bottom of this page for a draft of the end of the year totals.  Listed by last name, and date.  Only the top 4 scores per player (if they have more than 4) will be used for end of year results.  Please email me with any discrepancies before